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Live physical masterclass starts in Lagos 12th Oct,Online class starts 2nd of November!

From my experience at least 300k! These includes raw mamatrial, basic equipment,packaging materials & advert costs.

No you don’t,my advice is test the market for at least one year before you go for certification. In this one year,you would have understood the dynamics in the business, your highest selling mix etc… However,without certification you cannot stock in stores.

It is for you if you are passionate about healthy cooking,you have a capital of at least 365-465k to start, which includes the course registration fees.

You are right,you will find loads and loads of free recipes online, but there are more things you won’t find!
1. You won’t find the breakdown of flavours Nigerians or West africans would tolerate.

2. You won’t find how to run a successful spice mix business understanding the peculiar spending habits of Nigerians .

3. You won’t find how to understand flavour profiles in relation to formulating.

4. You won’t find the experience of a formulator of about 10 years being shared to guide you in running and growing a successful business. You won’t find teachings specific on spice mix pricing for profit,packaging,sourcing raw materials etc.

I short,joining this masterclass opens your eyes to the million dollar opportunities especially if you have the resources to start right. We are in good times to make good profits, the wellness community has grown in leaps and people are more concerned about what they eat,and how they cook,so this is the best times to start the business right.

I will be sharing with you the donts of the business, and how I have been able to grow it from very modest capital into a 7 figures business (working on growing into 8) without ever taking a single bank loan!!!

If I with all my limitations can grow this business, then you can do great!!!

Remember,the highest discount of 75% off has less than 48 hours to go. Once it ends,you get 70 % off for the next 2 days!