About us

Our history

It started like fun, a hobby, a new lifestyle change. About 10 years ago, I was introduced to spices and herbs unconsciously by my sister Ruka. Someone gifted her some herbs & spices and since she knew I loved trying out new things she gave them to me. The spices and herbs had no names on them, I had never seen them nor had any idea how to use them!

The first time I was brave enough to use, my meal was horrid! The meal tasted like aagbo and smelled so weird and overpowering.
And my journey to natural cooking started.

It opened so many doors i didnt even know existed. My family ill health(due to low immunity) became close to none existing. I didnt seem to understand how i and my kids suddenly became more healthier,thereby spending less time in hospital, while our money staying longer in the pockets!

Our Philosophy

From the first spice mix fail to a new dream born,dreams became reality, and years after my first fail,I created the first flavour of SMD spice mix (multipurpose) and started selling commercially!

I spent time and resources to sensitive women,especially those who care particularly about their family’s health status. Free online clases,close to no payment meet up &taste kitchens, just to convince people that natural cooking isn’t just possible, but delicious and super healthy too!

After years of producing these amazing mix in 6 flavours (with our newest baby making it 7 flavours), and thousands has graced homes and pots, I was it was time for the next big thing!

The SMD Spice Mix has become a formidable brand that caters for home and professional cooks. It takes meals from ordinary to extra ordinary, while putting healthy cooking in the forefront!

With massive acceptance from novice to expert cooks, we started the process of ensuring that we give not just healthy, but also have products that would meet certified national health standard. Our mix was subjected to rigorous lab tests,went through several checks and finally it the SMD Spice Mix got the NAFDAC seal of approval on the 31st of December 2019!

Natural Cooking Recipe Class(stews,soups, sauces,side dish&main dish).
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