SMD Spice Mix Formulation Masterclass


What will be learned in class?
1. All purpose spice mix
2. Mix curry spice
3. Intercontinental spice mix
4. Chinese mix
5. Suya spice mix
6. Pepper soup mix.

1. Hot pepper spice mix.
2. 3 Basic food recipes: Broth, Jollof rice, and grilled chicken.
3. Bouillon powder veggie.

Other added bonuses
•Learn what herbs and spice suits different dishes.
•How to improve on spice mix business
•Tips on sourcing ingredients and packaging for spice mix formulation
•Bonus on NAFDAC requirements for getting government approval.
•Pricing for profits.


Spice It Up In SMD Spice Mix Master Class!
Learn how to formulate;

• All purpose spice mix.

• Mix Curry Spice.

• Intercontinental Spice Mix.

• Chinese Mix.

• Suya Spice Mix

• Pepper Soup Mix.

Two Spice Mix Bonuses:

▪Veggie, Herb &Spice Mix.
▪ Hot Pepper Spice Mix.
▪3 Basic Food Recipes.


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